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Shenzhen Newyes Technology Limited
복합 전문 공급업체
Guangdong, China
주요 제품:LCD 쓰기 태블릿, 스마트 노트북, 스마트 펜, 번역 펜, 열 프린터
ODM services availableFinished product inspectionMinor customizationQuality management certified
Newyes is a technology company based in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to developing and manufacturing smart products that improve efficiency and convenience in daily life, work, and learning. We specialize in Scan Reader Pen, smart SyncPen, and Thermal Printer, which are designed to elevate the writing and note-taking experience.
Our dedication to eco-friendly practices and innovation has enabled us to develop our own proprietary handwriting recognition system, Newyes Ink, and a range of notepad calculators. In addition, we offer a range of other products such as lcd writing tablet, smart notebooks, and educational learning toys designed for children.
Newyes is committed to creating innovative, excellent-quality, and user-friendly smart products that seamlessly blend innovation with everyday practicality. Our mission is to provide our customers with efficient and enjoyable experiences that meet and exceed their expectations.